R's Vision Inc.

Shooting proffesional team will support your project at Tokyo and ASIA

about us



Red EPIC 8K カメラを中心に RAWデータ撮影、8k、6K収録、編集、4K仕上げ、現場オンセットでの



上海、シンガポールなど8カ国に展開する制作プロダクションShooting Gallery ASIAと提携しているので


Shooting professional team based in TOKYO and ASIA.

We shoot 8K RAW movie and photo usually and own almost every eqipments by ourselves.

HIgh quality Film Editting and Color graded with in our team.

And tied up with Shooting Gallery ASIA (www.shootinggalleryasia.com)

They are one-stop shop for TVC & Film Production, Photography, 3D CGI / Capture & Print, Digital Imaging and Original Content Creation.

And They are  in Asia and beyond in Singapore, Shanghai, Indonesia, Vietnam, Manila, Malaysia, Paris, New Zealand & The Maldives.